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A Neue Type: A Successful and Fun Sunday

Thank you to everyone who came and stopped by my table at A Neue Type on Sunday, as well as visiting the tables of my friends and fellow designers. We worked tremendously hard, day and night, for many months this semester in preparation for that Sunday. It truly meant a lot to all of us having alumni, employers, along with family and friends showing up to support us and celebrate our hard work. It was a very succesful and enjoyable night, and I hope that everyone who came out to the show enjoyed their time there as well! Thank you again. 

Special thanks to my family for visiting me since I have not been able to make it home as much as I would like over this past semester. A very special thanks to my parents for arriving a half hour early (I had no idea until later!) and staying for the full four hours of the show and trolling the hallways throughtout the show to my amusement. Also, it was tremendously sweet (pun intended!) that they kept bringing me over baked goods to eat (painter palette cookies!), despite the fact that I was slightly afraid to eat during the show. I had a ongoing fear that as soon as I bit into that cookie an art director may come over to talk to me! I cannot believe that the show I worked towards all my four years at TCNJ has come to an end. This is truly a bittersweet experience for me, but I want to thank again everyone who made this possible.