About Me

My life as a graphic designer and fine artist has opened many new doors. During my years as a young designer, I worked in various areas of Graphic Design including packaging, book arts, fiber arts, painting, figure drawing, and silkscreen printing. I strive to convey through my portfolio that I am a well rounded graphic designer, who knows more than just computer programs. I strive to incorporate as many aspects of my artwork as possible into my graphic design solutions. I want to add work to my portfolio that is not only visually pleasing but are also professionally constructed. All of my work begins with a problem that in turn must be solved creatively and successfully. Sketching and experimenting on my computer, creating with my tablet, or using spare materials I have to make prototypes are all ways I attempt to find solutions to a problem. My goal is to meet the client’s needs while maintaining their integrity through my designs. My inspiration can come from many different places, such as the simplistic poster artist Jason Munn to graphic design legend Milton Glaser. Uniqueness is important to my process, and I seek to convey creative solutions for clients. Understanding a company’s goals helps me create visuals with an effective message that represents them, but is also memorable.I hope to provide a collaborative environment with coworkers, while also building trust to create positive working relationships.